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Venette Pierre

Communications Manager

Venette Pierre is the Communications Manager Home Grown. Her background includes marketing, public relations and community development. She is passionate about advocating for access to quality supports for underserved communities and storytelling through digital communications.

Articles by Venette Pierre

Danielle Caldwell and her home-based child care program enjoying the outdoors.

Women Working in Home-based Child Care Are Experiencing the Worst of Pay Inequity

About 92% of child care workers and 97% of home-based child care providers are women. Child care is also one of the lowest compensated jobs in our country with median hourly wages at around $13 per hour. Together with the inspiring women who are home-based child care providers and caregivers, we use this month to call for adequate wages that reflect the value of the contributions of providers to young child development, family support, and local economies and communities.
Brenda Campbell

Celebrating Black home-based providers and their continuing legacy of communal care in their communities

This Black History Month, we're honoring Black home-based child care providers who don’t just provide care to children; their work holds up their communities, and in doing so, they continue a legacy of communal care for Black communities.

Home Grown Endorses the Early Childhood Nutrition Improvement Act

Home Grown is proud to endorse the Early Childhood Nutrition Improvement Act in the U.S. House. We look forward to working with Members of Congress to help accomplish our shared goal of keeping our kids fed. Read our full statement.

Home Grown Applauds the Biden Administration’s Request for $16 Billion in Additional Funding for Child Care

Home Grown applauds the Administration for submitting to Congress the request for much-needed resources to keep child care providers afloat, and urges Congress to pass this much-needed aid quickly. Read our full statement.

We Need Your Help to Feed Kids in Child Care!

Without quick passage of the Child Care Nutrition Enhancement Act, we will undoubtedly see an increase in young children and even providers themselves going to bed hungry.
erika-fletcher-YfNWGrQI3a4-unsplash (2)

Investment in Food, Nutrition in Child Care and Head Start Lapses, 56 National Organizations Urge Congress to Act Now

Home Grown is among 56 national organizations urging Congress to extend the Keep Kids Fed Act (KKFA) meal reimbursement increases for an additional year to help child care providers and schools feed children over the summer and during the upcoming school year. We urge Congress to act now.
Maria and granddaughter

FFN Caregivers: Community Mothers, Leaders and Anchors 

In celebration of Women's History Month, Home Grown and NBCDI share the stories of how as FFN caregivers, women hold up their communities and our nation.

Home Grown’s Statement on Early Childhood in the President’s FY 2024 Budget

Home Grown applauds the Biden-Harris administration for proposing an historic investment in child care and early education.
Adesha, Owner of Early Adventures Learning

Black Women in Child Care Feel Trusted to Care for Children, But Not to Make Decisions

Because of systemic racism's reach, Black women in the U.S. child care sector often face additional barriers when it comes to advocating for themselves.

New Report Provides Data, Illuminates Opportunities and Challenges for Home-based Pre-K Providers

Home Grown believes that Family Child Care providers contribute a vital service and are deserving of the opportunity to access public pre-K funding to further teach the children in their care.
FCC 2 (1) (1)

Supporting and Strengthening FFN Care

Read Home Grown's recommendations for supporting and strengthening FFN care, providing critical support for children, families and caregivers.