Leading from Home: Investing in HBCC Provider Leaders

Seeking Provider Leaders

Home Grown is seeking provider and caregiver leaders to participate in our Leading from Home initiative. We invite home-based child care providers and caregivers who lead groups of fellow providers and parents in their communities to learn more about the opportunity below:

  • The Challenge
  • Program Overview
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • FAQs

The Challenge

Even before the current pandemic, home-based child care has often been under-resourced, under-appreciated, and even invisible. The primary source of support for providers/caregivers is other providers/caregivers. Providers rely on each other to identify resources, validate information and receive emotional and professional support. These informal, peer groups function like mutual aid groups with varying degrees of organization and structure.

Current systems do not engage parent and provider voices and do not share decision making with these groups. Addressing systemic racism, system incoherence and market failure in early learning is not possible without the voices of providers/caregivers and parents at the forefront of decision making.

It is critical to ensure that provider/caregiver and parent voice informs policy decisions and actions. To do this, we need to engage current providers/caregivers and parents in policy change. We need to ensure that we build and support leadership development of community leaders and reinforce their ability to influence policy and systems. 

Program Overview

Home Grown is creating a leadership network of providers/caregivers in communities across the country. These provider-led informal groups will engage in four primary activities:

Primary activities

Home Grown will provide

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals are encouraged to apply. 501(c)(3) status is not required.

Priority will go to leaders who meet the criteria below and also:

  • Have clear goals for their provider/caregiver network, particularly in the realms of policy, strategic communications, and engagement.
  • Include parents as partners in your network convenings.

Criteria: We are looking for applicants who:

  • Are existing home-based child providers or caregivers. Both licensed Family Child Care providers and license-exempt or unregulated Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) providers and caregivers are eligible.
  • Lead or co-lead a network of 10 or more home-based child care providers or caregivers. This can be a formal network or informal group of providers/caregivers that you regularly communicate and meet with.
  • Commit to:
    • Convening your provider/caregiver network monthly or more frequently. This may take place in-person or virtually and follow established protocols.
    • Growing your network and encouraging additional home-based child care providers or caregivers to join your meetings and efforts.
    • Identifying your community’s needs and desired supports to help you to take action.
    • Collaborating with technical assistance partners around the needs identified by your community to develop strategies for change.
    • Engaging your network in opportunities identified by peer communities. This might include events, surveys, discussions and other engagement opportunities.
    • Collaborating with Home Grown, including:
      • Sharing your listserv of members (with their consent)
      • Advising on Home Grown initiatives
      • Participating in a national Community of Practice of provider/caregiver leaders to be convened by Home Grown and its partners

Learn More and Application Support

Home Grown is here to answer your questions and support your application. Connect with us via:


Register for a webinar on March 9th, 2:00-3:00pm Eastern to learn more about the Leading from Home initiative and ask your questions.

Office hours

Drop in during our office hours. Sign up here to see available times and receive a Zoom link.


Contact info@homegrownchildcare.org with questions.


Provider/caregiver leaders will receive $1,000 monthly stipends for up to 12 months, plus funding for additional expenses related to network activities and engagement (e.g., technology, meeting expenses, transportation).

These funds are intended to support you as you grow and empower your network of providers or caregivers to make positive change for home-based child care. The $1,000 monthly stipend is compensation for you, the provider/caregiver network leader. Networks with co-leaders may divide the stipend across both leaders (e.g., $500 each for two co-leaders). 

Additional funding is available to support network activities, which may include but are not limited to:

  • Engagement barriers (transportation, virtual meeting platforms)
  • Costs associated with in-person gatherings when safe to do so (e.g., space rental, food)
  • Mailings and postage

Home Grown will make additional supports available to you to assist with planning and the implementation of your plans including: logistical/administrative supports and problem solving; strategic and planning supports; communications resources. We will work with you to fund trusted technical assistance partners or to identify mission-aligned vendors and partners.

Please submit your application by Friday, March 19th.

Home Grown staff, funders, and provider advisors will review applications and conduct interviews and select a diverse group of provider leaders.

We will contact finalists for interviews in late March. We plan to announce participant selections by late April 2021.

The funding for this work is provided by a subset of Home Grown’s funders. 

Note: Provider/caregiver leaders who receive funding will need to report the stipend funds as income. Home Grown will connect selected leaders with consultants to support you with this. 

By ten providers/caregivers, we are referring to ten other home-based providers/caregivers in your network that are working together to create positive change in your community. These ten members of your network can include a mix of providers and parents (Please note, the number of providers/caregivers in your network is different from the number of children you care for).

Priority will be given to current home-based child providers serving one or more children.