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2022 Taxes Workbook

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Home Grown: A Look At Three Years


Opportunities to Expand Support for HBCC through PDG B-5

This document is intended to support state administrators considering how they might use the current Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five opportunity to expand or enhance services for home-based child care.
Home-based Child Care

Home Grown and CACFP Letter to White House Team on Hunger

Home Grown convened a diverse group of home-based child care providers to inform recommendations to the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health.

Research Brief: Identifying Practices and Features of High-Quality HBCC Networks

This research brief presents findings from the Erikson Institute's targeted literature review on home-based child care (HBCC) networks.
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Strengthening HBCC Networks: An Evidence-Based Framework for High Quality (Benchmarks)

This brief describes 11 quality benchmarks for home-based child care networks, presenting a picture of of what a high-quality network strategy can look like.

Family, Friend, and Neighbor Child Care: Supporting Diverse Families and Thriving Economies

FFN care is the most widely used form of care in America. Learn more about FFN care, the families who use it, and recommendations for supporting FFN care.

Generations of Kids Get Their Smarts and Their Resilience in Home-Based Child Care

This publication highlights how home-based child care supports children through each developmental stage while being an essential support for working families.
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Building Comprehensive Home-Based
Child Care Networks: Evaluation Toolkit

intended to help evaluate Home-based Child Care (HBCC) networks. It includes tools that can be used to collect data to assess an initiative’s progress toward meeting its goals.

Including Family Child Care in State and
City-funded Pre-K Systems: Opportunities
and Challenges

This report examines the policies and provision of state-funded pre-K in FCCs in these 24 states and in four large cities and follows with a discussion of the potential opportunities and challenges derived from an analysis of current state policies.

Building Comprehensive Networks

The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the need for child care as infrastructure. As families juggled work, job loss, and distance learning, all while taking care of children, we’ve seen something grow in America: the reliance on, respect for, and recognition of home-based child care (HBCC). Yet HBCC remains woefully under-resourced.

Child Care Development Fund Recommendations

View Home Grown's supplement on Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Recommendations, designed to help state leadership leverage CCDF in the short-term for home-based child care providers.
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Supporting and Strengthening FFN Care

Half of all families whose children who are in non-parental care choose and use family, friend and neighbor (FFN) child care, and yet this is the least supported aspect of the child care and early learning sector. Read Home Grown's recommendations for supporting and strengthening FFN care, providing critical support for children, families and caregivers.
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State Recommendations: Scaling Effective Stabilization Funds for HBCC

Home Grown is sharing state recommendations for scaling effective stabilization funds for home-based child care providers. The recommendations are based on the final data from the Home-Based Child Care Emergency Fund created in April 2020.

Responding to COVID-19: HBCC Emergency Fund

In April 2020, Home Grown and its members created the Home-Based Child Care (HBCC) Emergency Fund) with $1.2 million in funding to catalyze the development of regional funds that provide direct financial support to home-based child care (HBCC) providers, including both regulated family child care (FCC) providers and family, friend, and neighbor (FFN) caregivers across the nation. This report contains the final data of the findings.
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2020 Tax Resources

The past year, 2020, was like no other we’ve experienced in our life time. We have endured a global pandemic that not only impacted or threatened our health, but also our livelihoods. Home-based child care providers have felt the impact of the pandemic harder than most industries.

CCDF Policy and Investment Recommendations for States

This resource offers ideas and suggestions for states to consider as they prioritize stabilizing the supply of HBCC. This complements the Stabilization Fund Strategies resource.

Stabilization Fund Strategies: Using Federal Child Care Funds to Reach Home-Based Child Care Providers

Home Grown is pleased to share our recommendations on how to allocate recently released federal funds to support the needs of home-based child care providers and the families they serve.

Biden-Harris Transition Memo: Supporting Home-Based Child Care to Ensure America’s Recovery

Home Grown commends President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and their team for setting out an ambitious vision for expanding access to high quality child care and early learning.

State Administrator Resource Guide​

View Home Grown's State Leadership and Administrator’s Guide, created to facilitate and promote prioritization of supports for home-based child care providers.

Promising Practices in Policy for Home-Based Child Care

This report provides an overview of policies across all 50 states plus the District of Columbia related to home-based child care (HBCC). The document includes an overview of policies related to state definitions and regulations, licensing and subsidy, external systems and funding.

Home-Based Child Care Fact Sheet

View our Fact Sheet for an introduction to who qualifies as a home-based child care provider in the US, the challenges providers face in light of COVID-19, and for our recommendations for how to support providers.

Home Grown Paycheck Protect Program Project Outcomes Report

This document reports on the work of Home Grown and Civitas Strategies in supporting home-based child care providers to access the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

In-Home Child Care for School Age Children During Distance Learning

This fall, many grade schools across the country will be offering partial or entirely online learning thus creating a need for child care for working parents whose children are learning remotely. Remote schooling for school-age children will create new demand for child care and various challenges for providers and families.
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Comprehensive Services in Home-Based Child Care

COVID-19 has made the need for comprehensive services - long offered through the Head Start and Early Head Start service models - more pressing. Now is the time to use the HBCC structure to scale the effective, two- generational approach embodied in comprehensive service delivery. Read our paper for recommendations.
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Early Head Start Application Resources for Home-Based Child Care

The federal Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Grants funding opportunity encouraged the participation of family child care providers. Home Grown partnered with the Ounce of Prevention and Early Education Achievement Consultants to provide application support, including this library of resources.

Federal Policy: Recommendations to Support Home-Based Child Care

Any effort to ensure equitable access to child care will substantially include home-based child care providers, both licensed and unlicensed. That’s why federal investments in child care must prioritize increasing the quality of and access to home-based child care.
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Home-Based Child Care Networks: Making Connections to Make a Difference

Home-based caregivers are well-positioned to provide quality child care, but lack adequate compensation, health insurance, and many professional supports. Home-based child care networks are crucial tools to connect providers with these resources.
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Paycheck Protection Program Resources

Find resources on the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) for home-based child care providers, including guidance on applying for forgiveness. Home Grown partnered with Civitas Strategies on webinars, FAQs, and handbooks to support home-based child care providers. Resources available in English and Spanish.