Home-Based Child Care Emergency Fund

Members of Home Grown have committed $1.2M to establish a Home-Based Child Care Emergency Fund.

As our nation faces the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of home-based child care (HBCC) has never been more evident and these caregivers and providers have never been more indispensable. In April 2020, Home Grown and its members created the HBCC Emergency Fund to catalyze the development of regional funds that provide direct financial support to in-home child care providers across the nation.

Regional Emergency Funds

Home Grown is partnering with 13 regional organizations to allocate vital resources to local home-based child care providers—primarily undercompensated women of color—so the essential workforce can access safe, high-quality child care.

“We are so grateful to Home Grown for this incredible investment in home-based child care through the Home Grown Child Care Emergency Fund – especially during this unprecedented health and economic crisis.”

Kelly Hook
Director, Donor + Partner Engagement, Wisconsin Early Childhood Association

“Families increasingly rely on relatives and extended family as a child care solution, particularly during the pandemic disruption. Child Care Aware of Washington’s Play & Learn groups provide unique community resource connections and our facilitators deliver multiple family services and referrals to caregivers.”

Deeann Puffert
Chief Executive Officer, Child Care Aware of Washington

“If parents cannot find safe, affordable, quality childcare, they cannot return to work. In Greenville County alone there are nearly 75,000 school-age students, and 36,000 preschoolers and infants. Without immediate action to make sure current providers have the resources to stay open and new providers can open quickly, many parents will find their childcare options severely limited.”

Derek Lewis
Executive Director, Greenville First Steps

“We will use the Home Grown grant to assist home-based providers with purchasing personal protective equipment and supplies, and materials to reopen homes for child care. Those materials will support physical distancing, individual programming, increase cleaning and hygiene, and align with CDC recommendations. Funds will also be used to reimburse providers for purchases already made and for losses associated with COVID -19.”

Dr. Beverly Lynn
Chief Executive Officer, Programs for Parents

“During COVID19, La Red Latina de Educación Temprana (The Latino Early Childhood Network) supports FFN child care providers to continue their essential work of offering quality and safety care to the children in their care. La Red will provide grants to FFN providers to purchase additional food for their family, medicine, and other items of need.”

Ruth Evangelista
Co-Founder, La Red Latina de Educación Temprana

“Home-based providers are much more likely to be providing (or be able to provide) high-quality child care for babies, infants, and toddlers. We’re honored that they selected Michigan and our partners for matching funds, and we’re really excited that there will be more conversations among Home Grown grantees across the country in the coming months.”

Dawne Bell
CEO, Early Childhood Investment Corporation

Emergency Fund Data Snapshot

Home Grown allocated $1.2 million dollars in one month to help home-based child care providers across the country respond to COVID-19 with local matching funds of an additional $1.2M and $230K of in kind funds. Emergency funding will reach:

Funded programs will reach Family Child Care (FCC) providers, Family Friend Neighbor (FFN) providers, underserved communities including undocumented providers, and intermediaries providings surrounding supports.

Final Data from Home Grown Emergency Fund Communities

Home Grown partnered with thirteen regional organizations that designed and administered local emergency funds. These organizations secured an additional $2.7 million in matching funds for HBCC providers from 17 local funders. We are grateful for their partnership and commitment to home-based child care. We invite you to review the final data from our emergency fund.

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