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Quality Care for Children

COVID-19 Impact A NAEYC survey reported in April 2020 that 61% of child care programs were completely closed in Georgia. Of providers who are still open, 85% were operating at less than 25% capacity. Emergency Fund Quality Care for Children will be able to increase their resources to support family child care providers as part

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Community Resources for Children

COVID-19 Impact Not only is the California child care industry at risk of financial collapse, many providers and their families are facing serious health risks. This survey finds that 63% of open child care programs would not survive a closure of one month or longer. Emergency Fund Community Resources for Children is providing wrap-around support

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Association for Supportive Child Care

COVID-19 Impact Roughly 75% of child care providers in Arizona, including school programs, faced at least a temporary closure. Currently, almost 90% of family, friend, and neighbor caregiver applications that ASCC has received for the emergency fund have had the employment of someone in their household impacted by COVID-19. Emergency Fund With the support of

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