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Jennifer Newball

Community Outreach Manager

Jenn has serves as the Community Outreach Manager at Home Grown. She has over ten years of professional experience, including project management, community outreach, facilitation of workshops and communities of practice, small business management and accounting.

Articles by Jennifer Newball

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How My Latinx Heritage Informs the Work I Do

Home Grown Community Outreach Manager Jennifer Newball is a product of FFN care and that's part of what drives her passion for advocating for home-based child care providers.

How Wendy Advocates as an FFN Caregiver

Wendy Maldonado, FFN provider and advocate, shares why she remains an FFN provider despite the systemic barriers she faces.

How Pamela Childress Leads from Home

Pam Childress is a member of Home Grown's Leading from Home cohort, a group of providers who uplift the voices and concerns of their communities and also uplift their fellow leaders in Leading from Home.

How La Red Latina de Educación Temprana Supports the Mental Health of Children and Their Caregivers

Community needs shifted with the pandemic. While the well-being of children remained a priority, the team at La Red saw the impact that COVID-19 was having on mental health and took action.