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For State Leaders and Administrators:

Take Action to Support Home-Based Providers During the COVID-19 Crisis

We invite you to view our State Leadership and Administrator’s Guide, which we’ve created to facilitate and promote prioritization of supports for home-based child care providers.
We have anchored the State Leadership and Administrator Guide around six recommendations that can be acted on immediately to ensure the stability of home-based child care and establish the infrastructure for home-based child care in the long-term:
  1. Bridge the chasm: provide effective relief funding to home-based child care providers who are open and those that are closed
  2. Build lasting infrastructure: create comprehensive home-based child care networks
  3. Meet physical and mental health needs: of children, families, and providers
  4. Reform the supply chain: Ensure providers can access the supplies they need to maintain a healthy and safe environment for children and families
  5. Maintain family and provider-friendly policies: implement reforms to ensure success during COVID-19 and beyond
  6. Expand the formal constituency of home-based child care: families, employers, communities, philanthropy, and society

Download The State Leadership and Administrator’s Guide