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Apply to Share Your Experience with Home Grown

We Want Your Input

Home Grown values the voices of providers. We believe that provider stories hold power and that policies, services, and initiatives are better when providers are involved. Are you interested in helping us make this happen? We are looking for providers who are willing to regularly share their experiences as a member of the Provider Insights Panel and providers who are actively engaged in policy advocacy to participate in the Policy Work Group.

Applications are now closed. 

Are you willing to share your experience as a HBCC?

We are seeking providers for two opportunities:
  1. Provider Insights Panel
  2. Provider Policy Workgroup

You may apply for one or both.

Application Process
  • Apply: Complete the online application  by midnight EST on June 30, 2023
  • Invite to Interview: Home Grown will invite a select number of providers to participate in a 30 minute Zoom interview between July 10 and Jul 28, 2023.
  • Announcements Made: You will be notified of our decision no later than Aug 11, 2023

The Provider Insights Panel


Home Grown is seeking a diverse group of 10-15 providers to join the Provider Insights Panel.  Home Grown works closely with researchers, policy makers, journalists and others who have the ability to influence and improve access to home-based child care. Providers selected to participate in the Provider Insight Panel will be asked to regularly share their experiences and stories. Home Grown may feature these stories in communication materials such as blog posts, newsletters, new articles, and policy briefs.

The Provider Insights Panel is a year long commitment from August 2023-August 2024. If selected, you must be able to commit to at least two hours a month. We will regularly reach out to this group and ask for your participation in specific projects. For example, we may be interested in learning about your access to health care, or how you decide to participate in systems like the Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP), ask that you be interviewed by a journalist writing a piece about HBCC, or want your feedback on Home Grown’s organizational goals. We ask that you respond promptly to the opportunities we bring to you. Your choice to participate in each activity is entirely optional.


If selected, you will receive $150 a month. If you spend more than 2 hours a month participating in an activity of the Provider Insights Panel, you will be compensated at a rate of $75/hour. 


Provider Policy Work Group

Are you a provider who actively participates in policy advocacy?


We are looking for 5-7 providers to be active members of Home Grown’s Provider Policy Work Group. This group serves as a forum to:

  • Hear from and support provider/caregiver leaders with their goals and priorities for influencing policy and systems
  • Share and solicit feedback from providers/caregivers about updates to federal and state legislation that will impact their caregiving work
  • Inform the policy and strategy recommendations that Home Grown and its partners make to state and federal lawmakers and early childhood program administrators
  • Create a space for provider/caregivers to support one another in their advocacy efforts


The Provider Policy Work is a year-long commitment from August  2023 – August 2024. Selected members of the group must be able to commit 1-4 hours a month and:

  • Participate in Home Grown’s monthly Policy Workgroup 
  • Review prep materials for monthly Meetings
  • Review Email updates
  • Gathering feedback from the local home-based child care community and peers to inform workgroup discussions
  • Provide input on draft documents and tools around policy issues

Home Grown will provide:

  • Monthly state and federal legislative updates during a Workgroup Session
  • Opportunities to offer input on strategy, tools and recommendations to state, federal legislators and program administrators
  • Email updates about policy actions


  • Monthly stipends to workgroup participants in the amount of $425


Apply to either opportunity by June 30, 2023

Learn More and Application Support

Home Grown is here to answer your questions and support your application. Connect with us via:

Information Session

We will hold two information sessions (both will be held in English and Spanish)  for you to learn more about the Provider Insights Panel, the Policy Work Group, the application and ask any questions you might have.

June 22, 2023 4:30 PM- 5:15 PM EDT (1:30-2:15 PM PDT)


If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

Language Preferences

Home Grown is gathering information about language preferences to help us better accommodate providers in the future. If you would like this content in another language, please fill out this brief form and let us know. 


If you are selected to participate in the Provider Insights Panel, you will receive $150/month for the first two hours you spend participating in the panel.  For every additional hour you engage with the panel, you will receive $75. 

If you are selected to participate in the Policy Work Group, you will receive $425 a month.

12 months, starting August 2023 until August 2024.

These stipends are intended to support you and elevate your voice as a home-based child care provider. You may use the funds however you see fit. The stipends are taxable income. 

Please submit your application by Midnight EST Jun 30, 2023.

Home Grown staff will review applications and conduct interviews and select a diverse group of providers for each opportunity.

Yes, please indicate your preference in the application. However, Home Grown will offer you a spot in only ONE of the two opportunities.

We will contact finalists for interviews early July. Interviews will take place between July 10 and July 28, 2023.  We plan to announce participant selections by Aug 11, 2023.