Thank you for submitting your information!

Thank you for submitting your information!

The federal Paycheck Protection Program is now closed and is no longer accepting applications. 

The loan forgiveness process is now open. If you have received a PPP loan, please find information on loan forgiveness below, including the webinar recordings and Forgiveness Handbook. 

For Providers and Caregivers

Watch the webinar recording on “How to Apply for the PPP,” designed for home-based child care providers to learn about the application process and ways to quickly receive funds. You can also access the presentation slides here.

Watch the webinar recording on “Navigating the PPP Loan Forgiveness Process for Home-Based Child Care Providers.” You can also access the presentation slides here.



Download this two-page guide on applying for the PPP, including a Frequently Asked Questions section.

Watch this video to get the latest updates on the PPP. (Uploaded on 6/19/2020)

  • Sole proprietors and self-employed (and likely corporations) have 24 weeks to spend the loan for forgiveness.
  • Since the loan is based on 10 weeks of payroll, almost everyone should be able to get their full loan forgiven.
  • SBA has released a PPP EZ forgiveness form which will take far less time to fill out.


Updated October 2020

The SBA released a brand-new forgiveness form that will make it even easier for many to apply for PPP forgiveness!

The simplified form, 3508 S, applies to any recipient of a loan less than $50,000 and will save a tremendous amount of time.

To help you through the process, our partners at Civitas Strategies have created short videos in English and Spanish as well as a step-by-step guides to the Forgiveness process.


Forgiveness Handbook in English 

Forgiveness Handbook in Spanish 


El Programa de Protección de Cheques de Pago (PPP, por sus siglas en inglés) es un esfuerzo nacional para apoyar a las pequeñas empresas a través de la epidemia COVID-19. El PPP es un programa de préstamos perdonables donde usted recibe un préstamo igual a 2.5 veces su nómina mensual promedio en 2019 y luego tiene un período de 8 a 24 semanas para que el préstamo sea perdonado. Los fondos gastados en nómina y (hasta el 40% del monto total perdonado) pueden ser perdonados.

Home Grown está ofreciendo esta Guía de perdón PPP para ayudar a los proveedores de cuidado infantil a domicilio a navegar el proceso de obtener sus préstamos PPP perdonados.

Descargar aquí

Frequently Asked Questions: PPP Loan Forgiveness

Updated October 2020

PPP Frequently Asked Questions (English)

PPP Frequently Asked Questions (Spanish)

For Coaches, Networks, and Intermediaries

Watch the webinar recording on “How to Support Providers with the PPP,” designed for coaches and those supporting providers with their applications.

See the toolkit for guidance on supporting providers through the process of applying for the PPP.