Opportunities for States to Improve Benefits Access for Home-based Child Care Providers 

Child care is the workforce behind the workforce but our current policy approaches do not reflect that. Research reveals that home-based child care providers (HBCC) struggle to make ends meet, have unstable incomes and variable levels of access to essential benefits like health care and retirement. We strongly encourage state leaders in partnership with home-based child care providers, partners and networks to prioritize access to these critical benefits for HBCC providers. This resource highlights opportunities to improve access to critical benefits for providers.


Investments in Child Care and the Federal Food Program Are Essential Ingredients in Home-Based Child Care’s Kitchen Economy

In October child care providers will hit the hard reality of rising food costs and lower reimbursements. The new CACFP bill includes key provisions that advocates have long requested, and could be the difference between kids being hungry and healthy.

We Need Your Help to Feed Kids in Child Care!

Without quick passage of the Child Care Nutrition Enhancement Act, we will undoubtedly see an increase in young children and even providers themselves going to bed hungry.

Child Care Nutrition Enhancement Act

Home Grown is proud to endorse the Child Care Nutrition Enhancement Act. We look forward to working with Members of Congress to help accomplish our shared goal of keeping our kids fed.