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What is Home-Based Child Care?

Home-based child care (HBCC) includes a range of providers, from licensed providers operating small businesses in their homes through care provided by family, friends, and neighbors, all providing a vital service to their communities.

Nationwide, more infants and toddlers are cared for in HBCC than in center-based care.

In-Home Child Care for School Age Children During Distance Learning

This fall, many grade schools across the country will be offering partial or entirely online learning thus creating a need for child care for working parents whose children are learning remotely. Remote schooling for school-age children will create new demand for child care and various challenges for providers and families.
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Comprehensive Services in Home-Based Child Care

COVID-19 has made the need for comprehensive services - long offered through the Head Start and Early Head Start service models - more pressing. Now is the time to use the HBCC structure to scale the effective, two- generational approach embodied in comprehensive service delivery. Read our paper for recommendations.

Early Head Start Application Resources for Home-Based Child Care

The federal Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Grants funding opportunity encouraged the participation of family child care providers. Home Grown partnered with the Ounce of Prevention and Early Education Achievement Consultants to provide application support, including this library of resources.
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The Challenge

HBCC providers often do not receive the recognition, resources, and support they need to provide the highest quality care. Federal, state, and local policies are often not supportive of HBCC providers, and in recent years, the number of HBCC providers in the United States has declined.
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The Opportunity

Millions of parents choose HBCC for their infants and toddlers because it is often closer to home, more affordable, and more flexible than child care centers. HBCC has the opportunity to be an equalizer for children with fewer opportunities during a critical time in their cognitive, language, social-emotional, and physical development.
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Close to Home

HBCC provider Adrienne Briggs owns and operates the successful Lil’ Bits Family Child Care Home in Philadelphia, PA. Learn more about Adrienne and her program
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Investment Highlight

All Our Kin is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that trains, supports, and sustains family child care providers. Their work transforming the nation’s child care system results in a triple win: child care providers succeed as business owners; working parents find stable, high-quality care for their children; and children gain an educational foundation that lays the groundwork for achievement in school and beyond. To learn more, visit

In-Home Child Care for School-Age Children
During Distance Learning